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Gerrie Lewis was born in upstate New York and moved to Los Angeles at an early age. Lewis's journey as a self-taught artist has been a life long venture. Her current photographic art represents her passion for Earth and all its creatures.

The breathtaking beauty of nature inspires Gerrie to capture its essence through photography. Urban decay and unwanted objects also intrigue her lens. Gerrie's creations start by digitally overlapping photos of nature with urban decay or debris. Strategically areas are removed from each photo until they begin to transcend into a single image and bond. Often it takes over fifty photos to create her conceptual imagery. In an abstract format, Gerrie portrays how nature and mankind can work together toward change.

For over two decades, Gerrie utilized her artistic talent with the Walt Disney Studio, Warner Brother Studio, Paramount Studios, Apple Computer, IBM, Bare Animation Studio, and additional fortune 500 companies. Large government agencies also relied on Gerrie's talents for designing and implementing their environmental community outreach programs. She was instrumental in developing over 100 recycled products that resulted in millions being manufactured and purchased by her many prominent clients.

Lewis's accomplishments have been published in over fifty newspapers and magazines, across the United States, including a front-page story in the LA Times.

In addition, Gerrie Lewis is a three time award-winning children's author and the creator of Popsi, The Daughter of Mother Nature. Her recent children's book titled Pickleball Patsy And Her Lucky Pickle recently received the Mom's Choice Gold Award.

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