Gerrie Lewis was born in upstate New York and moved to Los Angeles at an early age. Lewis's journey as a self-taught artist has been a life long venture. Her current multilayered fine art represents her passion for sustainability. While traveling around the world Lewis's camera lens found beauty in everything, even trash.

Gerrie Lewis's work is about the past, present, and future. Previously Lewis spent twenty years utilizing her artistic talents within a marketing and advertising firm she opened in Newport Beach California. The firm's expertise was creating environmental images for fortune five hundred companies. Her clients included major studios such as The Walt Disney Studio and The Warner Brothers Studio and large government agencies. As an environmental entrepreneur Lewis helped to design over 200 recycled products that resulted in millions becoming manufactured. Lewis's accomplishments have been published in over fifty newspapers and magazines, across the United States, including a front-page story in the LA Times. In addition, she is an award-winning environmental children's author and the creator of Popsi, The Daughter of Mother Nature.