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Photography by Gerrie Lewis, of Gerrie Lewis


Gerrie left the corporate design industry to follow her dream of becoming a photographer. Passionate about nature and concerned about the impact of waste on Earth, she set forth to create an environmental message through art. Traveling to exotic and not-so-exotic places in the world, Gerrie began her journey. In two years, she shot over 58,000 photos, then began developing her innovative style of multilayered photographic imagery.

No one would immediately recognize that Gerrie’s alluring artwork incorporates debris or other unwanted objects such as graffiti, dying trees in the layered images. Gerrie's lens also focuses on nature’s magnificent beauty and Earth’s wondrous resources. Her artistic process begins by digitally overlapping multiple photos, combining nature's beauty with society's waste. Each photo then gets manipulated until they morph into a single image. As the vibrant colors of nature bond with the unusual textures and colors of waste, they unite into their expressive, harmonious form. Her thought-provoking art portrays how every resource on Earth is useful. Gerrie’s photographic imagery shows in New York, California, and she has many private collectors.

Previously, Gerrie owned an environmental graphic art and recycled product development firm in California. Clients such as Disney Studio, Warner Brothers Studios, Paramount Studios, Apple Computer, IBM, and additional Fortune 500 companies relied on her talents. Within a decade, the firm created over 100 recycled products, resulting in millions being manufactured and purchased by her prominent clients.

In addition, Lewis's accomplishments have been published in over fifty newspapers and magazines, including a front-page story in the LA Times. Gerrie is also a three time award winning children author.

Gerrie Lewis
Creates The Harmonious Connection Between Nature & Debris

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