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My photographic art intends to visually stimulate one's mind while bringing awareness to the interwoven connection between nature and society.

Life without art would be like a flower without petals or a butterfly without wings. It would be unimaginable!  Gerrie Lewis

About The Indigenous Spirits Creations

My daughter, who is one-quarter American Indian, was instrumental in changing the direction of my life. Her concerns about sustainability inspired me to leave the commercial art world.

Embracing the Indigenous People’s culture belief, that nature is the foundational anchor of all life, is now embedded into my work. Their respect for every object and element of Earth is the foundation behind my spirit-guided images. I begin creating by photographing Indigenous People ceremonial objects: feathers, beads, ribbons, woven fabrics, and animal hair. In Photoshop, I separate them by subject. Each photo gets manipulated until they regenerate, creating their energy and spirit.

A Mystical Moment

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