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A Mystical Moment


In my work, I symbolically connect debris to nature in a positive form, rather than dwelling on the negative impact waste has on our planet.

As a photographic artist, I focus on the transformation of nature and the man-made world because of their interrelationship. The natural world inspires my camera to capture the vibrant colors and wonders of Earth, as well as the unique textures and colors of society’s discarded items. These photos give me an intriguing palette to work with. My deep passion lies in taking unwanted debris and seamlessly blending it with the beauty of nature, resulting in a unique and transformative visual experience. I consider my artwork as a way to stimulate profound thoughts about the bond between individuals and nature, fostering positivity and growth.

As a child, watching nature’s constant changing of colors and forms fascinated me. The metamorphosis of animals intrigued my imagination. During my childhood, I enjoyed catching tadpoles and observing their development into frogs. I was in awe over caterpillars and how they transformed into beautiful butterflies. As I witness their graceful ascent into the sky, I yearn for the ability to soar alongside them. Early on in my life reading about science was a struggle for me because of my dyslexia, so I relied on my firsthand encounters with nature to learn about its wonders. Gradually, my handicap underwent it’s own transformation that enabled me to become something meaningful, like a photographic artist who captures the beauty in everything, even in debris. As an environmental artist, I use my creativity to ultimately inspire others to live harmoniously with nature.

“I am deeply committed to producing art that instills a sense of
optimism, inspiration, and a drive for positive change.” GL

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